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Plastic formwork


1. Model Number: LWPF1001

2. Weight: About 15KG/Square Meter

3. Material: PP+glass fibres+Nilon

4. Composition: Panels, corners, handle and accessories

5. Resued: over 100 times

6.Waterproof: Yes

7.Eco-friendly: Yes

8. Thermal deformation temperature: Above 150 degree Celsius

9.Assemble and disassemble:Easy and quick

10.Certification:CNAS Test

二、Main size

1.Wall panel :1200*600mm,100*600mm, 200*600mm,250*600mm, 600*10mm,600*20mm

2.Corner:inner corner 200x200x600mm and outer corner 100x50x600mm

3.Square Column:750*730*70mm(thickness of wall can be adjusted from 200- 600mm with per 50mm increment)

4.Round Column:750*400mm,750*300mm

三、Material and Structure

1.Material:PP+glass fibres+Nilon

2.Structure:panels, corners, handle and accessories


1.Long lifespan& Cost effective –The experiment shows that our Plastic Formwork can be reused over 100 times, while the Plywood can only be reused 7 to 10 times. Therefore the Plastic Formwork increases the cost efficiency.

2.Waterproof – For the nature of plastic material, this item is a kind of anticorrosive material, especially suitable for underground and watery circumstances.

3.Easy reassembly– It is easy for worker to operate and split.

4. Pouring expediently-- The template will be separated easily from concrete.

5.Simple Installation – the mass of the product is light, at the same time it is safe to handle and easy to clean.

6.High Quality –it is hard to deformation.

7.Recyclable -- Waste scrap molding board could be recycled.